General Information

Program . Fully virtual course of maximum 16 weeks, free schedule, average time of 5 hours per week, could be finished earlier. Classes are uploaded to the classroom on Wednesday afternoons and there is a period of 11 days, until the following Monday, to deliver the homework (Timeline ).

There is reading of classes (only a few were videos) search of materials and analysis, and delivery of tasks. After evaluation there is a devolution and 70-100 qualification (70 is the minimal mark).

Together with the task of Unit 1, it is necessary to upload to the virtual classroom the university degree or, if you are an undergraduate student, the analytical certificate of studies.


The course is valid in postgraduate courses (doctorates, masters or specializations) of Argentina and other countries. It meets all the requirements for postgraduate courses and has been taught or accepted in doctorates and other postgraduate courses in practically all universities and institutions (download List of Institutions or Teacher CV ).
It is approved by the Superior Council of the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (National Technological University), Argentina, through Ordinance 1561/16, , the university entity that grants the certification. Seventy hours of study are recognized and it is clarified that it is the Academic Committee of the respective career who resolves the amount of credits to be granted for the course.


Those who approve all the assignments receive a provisional certificate of approval (if requested) and then a Diploma in digital format with the signature of the university authorities and the teacher. Although we have called it "Course of Scientific Writing for Biology and related areas", for purposes of thematic specificity, the certification will be on the generic name that appears in the Ordinance of the Superior Council, "Course of writing of scientific articles and thesis, Orientation Biology”, example. It will be provided in english.

People who, in addition to the Digital Diploma, want a hard copy must pay the cost of sending by registered mail.

Inscription and payment

Registration is individual and it is required to complete it before proceeding to make the payment. In case 3 or more people from the same institution register (laboratory, hospital, service, cohort, institute, career), each person has a discount.

Cost residents in Argentina or other countries: Please see buttons at the end of page.


Sometimes institutional agreements (or agreements) are made - Associations, Professional Colleges, Unions, Networks, Companies, Media, Institutes, Faculties or Departments and, even, with Facebook groups-, to whom a special discount will be offered. For these agreements, please write to

Please complete the Registration before proceeding with the payment with one of the two options, Payment for Residents in Argentina or payment for Residents in other countries.




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We are at your disposal for further inquiries, please write us to A very cordial greeting and we hope to see you in the classroom soon.